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Post by paulb »

when querying unrendered ExtJS components, Siestas query function throws an error.
Can be reproduced (in an ExtJS test) with the following code:

StartTest(function (t) {
	new Ext.button.Button({ foo: true });'[foo]').length, 1);
	t.query('>> [foo]'); // throws error

Could you please look into it and fix it?

Post by pmiklashevich »

Thanks for the report! We will address!

Pavlo Miklashevych
Sr. Frontend Developer

Post by nickolay »

Fixed in the sources now, you can try it in the tomorrow nightly.

Post by paulb »

Thanks for the quick fix!
Unfortunately the nightly builds seem broken. It only downloads a 1kb file. Other nightlies (calendar, scheduler) do work.

Post by sergey.maltsev »

Hi, paulb!

Please tell which package are you trying to download with no success?
I've tried these ones and they are just fine. (163 MB) (216 MB)

Post by paulb »

Sorry, I missed that our licence has expired yesterday.

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