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Post by Hakim »

I have one concern.
I wonder if it is possible to include many files while running testing.
I mean this:

siesta-5.5.1-standard/bin/webdriver url --include file1 file2 --browser=firefox --headless

The important part here is

--include file1 file2

chaining --include file1 --include file2 does not work.
Any workaround on that?

Post by mats »

It's a regex so you can do --include "file1|file2"

Docs explain it all here:!/guide/siesta_launchers

Post by Hakim »

I have tried that pipe | before, but I get back this error bash: file2: command not found

Post by mats »

You need quotes around the arg:

--include "file1|file2"

Post by Hakim »

Oh yeah. Perfect.
That solves the issue

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