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I am trying to run my Siesta tests on my CentOS server. If I run
../vendor/siesta/bin/puppeteer --version

I get:
Siesta : 5.0.0
NodeJS : v6.10.1
Puppeteer : 1.0.0

When I try to run the actual test though
../vendor/siesta/bin/puppeteer SERVER/tests/index.html --debug

It says no runner available
[DEBUG] Dispatcher start
[DEBUG] Runner setup: a Siesta.Launcher.Runner.Puppeteer
[WARN] Error setting up the runner: Error: spawn EACCES
[ERROR] No runners available
[DEBUG] Recevied results for all tests in the suite, proceeding to finalization

Is there something obvious I am missing? Everything seems to be installed and the user I am running as has access to everything.

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IIRC there was a similar problem, related to the fact, that Puppeteer 1.0 (bundled with Siesta 5) is outdated and binaries for it, are no longer published by the puppeteer team.

Try updating Siesta to the latest version (which has recent Puppeteer) or try to use WebDriver launcher (there's a --headless switch supported for Chrome and Firefox)

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Well. That was embarrassingly simple. I changed it to run with webdriver and It is happily running along now. Thanks!

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Cool-cool, yw!

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