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We're investigating tools supporting TDD and have found Wallaby.js as initially perfect for our purpouse.
Wallaby reports that they do not support siesta at the present time. Are you aware of any initiatives to make that happen, do you know of customers that are using wallaby.js or are you familiar with other instant run tools for TDD that works with Siesta?

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For Siesta 5 there's no integration with instant run tool unfortunately. We'll be adding this feature for the Siesta 6 (already available as early alpha, but still much work in progress).

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OK. Thanks. Waiting in anticipation for Siesta 6 then :-)
Any specific tools you are targeting in this new release?

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Working hard on that :)

No specific tools yet, we'll consider wallaby, it looks good, if you'll find some other good one, please post it here.

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Thank you ! Looking forward to the release :)

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I thought I'll share some information about the Siesta 6. Its going to be the full rewrite, based on the modern technology stack. IE11 support is dropped. There are changes in licensing - the previously free "siesta-lite" becomes open-source and just "siesta" and current "siesta" becomes "siesta-plus" (remains commercial).

There's already "siesta-6.0.0-alpha-1" available on github and npm:

It lacks the user interface and user actions simulation - this is current work in progress.

If you are writing tests for Node.js only and don't mind lack of UI - you can use it already - it is pretty stable.

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