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We have a problem with Gantt 2.5.10 related to drag and drop.
Gantt is hosted in a scrollable <div> which makes up the content area of our web app.
The HTML document itself is not scrollable.
Unfortunately Gantt scrolls the document when dragging an item near the edge of the viewport, instead of scrolling our content area.
Is there somehow we can tell Gantt to scroll our own scrollable container instead ?

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Sorry! The title indicates that our problem is related to Gantt 4 which is wrong. We are using Gantt 2.5.10. I was unable to remove my own forum post - otherwise I would have created a new post in the Gantt 2 part of the forum.

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Jimmy Thomsen

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I don't believe there was a 2.5.10 version, can you please double check? In any regard, the support for versions < 5 is expired since quite a while. Have you considered upgrading to latest (or better, to our new modern JS Gantt chart)?

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Hi Mats.

I'm fairly sure we are running 2.5.10.
According to your own list of releases, it was released 2015-10-21.
The Gantt JS file reveals the following version information:

Ext Gantt 2.5.10
Copyright(c) 2009-2017 Bryntum AB

Never the less, I understand that you can't support old software forever. I was hoping for a small miracle :-)

Sure, we have been thinking about upgrading Gantt a lot. But we have turned Gantt into a highly configurable "beast" that consumes data from nearly anything, and on top of that we made changes to the way it looks and behaves. So it won't be an easy task upgrading. We just don't have 1000 hours of Gantt development to spare right now.

Thanks for your time - appreciate it


Best regards
Jimmy Thomsen

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Ah, I wasn't looking far enough back into the archives :)

I think the only "reasonable" way to solve this would be to hire one of our Ext JS experts for a day to debug it and try to fix it. You can find info / pricing here: https://www.bryntum.com/services/

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