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I got some problems in using tree mode. For example , I made a tree with one root node and one leaf node in it. I tried to drag the leaf node out of the root node and it works. However, when I dragged the leaf node back into the root node , It doesn't work.


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I checked here

Expanded online code editor panel and enabled rowReorder feature

features : {
    rowReorder   : true,

And tried the scenario you described.
All seems to be working well.
Any errors in console?
Please check if you used latest version, try to reproduce this in our examples. If not reproducible, please attach runnable test case.

All the best,

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I checked the online demo too. The following examples are what I tried to do, they didn't work as well.


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There's a ticket for this issue here https://github.com/bryntum/support/issues/5220.
The problem is solved and will be included in the next release.


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hello Joakim

Do you know when will the V5.1.4 be released?
The feature is important to my implementation...hope it can be published next week.
Thanks a lot.

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We aim to release 5.1.4 in the next 1-2 weeks yes.

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