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Hi Team,

We have implemented task up/down feature but the refresh chart is taking lot of time. In chart refresh, it reloads entire chart and it seems like reload. Our client wants a competitive solution so that refresh will be user friendly and it does not seems to be a reload of screen.

I am attaching a video and showing how its working well in current system that is using gantt chart. But its quite different from bryntum. Please provide us a good solution of refresh.

Explainer video for Bryntum.webm
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Please see attached video for more details.


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Could you please provide a runnable test case to reproduce it? I tried to reproduce it in our online examples but I can't. If you can reproduce it in our online example please let us know the steps to reproduce!

All the best :)

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Hi Tasnim,
Every Thing is explain in video

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Hi varindercodeadda,

We need to be able to reproduce that to create a ticket. I can see on the video you have problems, but we cannot debug it and fix by video with UI, unfortunately. We tried to repeat it in our examples, but we can't reproduce.
So please, share your application with steps to reproduce or, if you cannot share your app, apply required changes to our example and attach here.

Please check this topic with forum rules to see how to ask for help viewtopic.php?t=772

All the best,

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