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Hey team,

I'm using headerRenderer https://bryntum.com/docs/scheduler-pro/api/Grid/column/Column#config-headerRenderer
It works like a charm (can add div, icons, bgColor)

Afterwards I have some data coming from outside the scheduler (real time websocket) and then I need to redraw header (clear icon, update bgColor etc..)

The easiest way for me would be to using local ref

<bryntum-scheduler-pro ref="scheduler"  v-bind="$store.state.scheduler.config"/>

Is there a possible way to achieve that ?
Sorry I read the docs, made several attempts, without success

Thanks for helping.

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Sorry for the late response. Sure, Here is an example of how you can achieve it:

this.$refs.grid.instance.columns.allRecords[0].element.style.backgroundColor = 'blue';

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