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Post by racing-enedis »

I have severals problems with filters

The first problem, When I click on the column header menu>filters
and check from the list one choice


After that if I use the store function to reset all filters


The result is that all filters are cleared but both menu checkbox Filters and the choice checkbox still checked


The second problem, When I tried to activate a choice from the filter list using the function

   id: "myId",
   property: "startDate",
   value: [myValue]

This function will filter correctly the data but it doesn't check the checkbox on the menu filters

What I noticed that when I filter programatically the UI is not synchronized with the acual filter

This is really blocking problem for me

Filter2.PNG (79.32 KiB) Viewed 1322 times
Filter1.PNG (173.58 KiB) Viewed 1322 times

Post by Maxim Gorkovsky »

That seems to be a bug in ExtJS, I can see similar issue in modified ExtJS 7.2.0 demo. Please try looking on for an answer?

Post by racing-enedis »


Extjs has fixed the bug in their release 7.5.0 : EXTJS-29516 - In grid filter bar plugin remote filter is not working properly.
When did you plan to migrate to Ext JS 7.5.0?
This is a blocking issue for us.

Thanks in advance!

Post by arcady »

We are testing our products with ext-7.5.1 currently. So far it looks promising. I'll let you know here of results when it's done.

Post by arcady »

Ok tests look green. We'll try to release by the end of this week.

Post by racing-enedis »

Ok, thanks in advance!

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