Support for v6.x of our Scheduling components

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Hi Bryntum Team!

I have a question regarding row height of split grid.
I have a split grid with two grids. The upper grid was created with lower grid as its partnerTimelinePanel so they share same timeAxisViewModel.
I have some code to set row height for lower grid dynamically by calling lowerGrid.setRowHeight which will internally call timeAxisViewModel.setViewRowHeight. Thus, once row height for lower grid is changed, row height for upper grid is changed too.
Our requirment is to let them have different row height so want to check with you whether it's possible in two situations.

  • When creating, set different row height for both grids.

  • When changing row height of lower grid, don't change row height of upper grid.


Post by mats »

The RowHeight setting is (unfortunately) tied to the shared timeAxisViewModel currently, so there's no simple way to solve it in the current version. I've opened this feature request:

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