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using SchedulerPro 5.1.1 with eventLayout+layoutFn, PDF export throws an Error and the view messed up (no event is visible anymore).
See the exception attached.

How to reproduce:

  • Get the examples-scheduler/export/ example
  • replace the Scheduler to SchedulerPro:
    import Scheduler from '../../lib/SchedulerPro/view/SchedulerPro.js';
  • add the eventLayout config (this config copied from the docs: )
        eventLayout : {
            layoutFn : items => {
                items.forEach(item => {
           = 100 * Math.random();
                    item.height = 100 * Math.random();
        return 100;
    • open the application and do a PDF export

    Actual: PDF export succeed, although it throw an error and the view is not restored, events are messed up
    Excepted: After successful PDF export scheduler view is restored/usable, no javascript error.

    We currently do not have any workaround, so we are waiting for the fix or for a workaround asap.

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Post by marcio »

Hi pzs,

Thanks for the detailed report. I was able to reproduce it and it's indeed a bug. I created a ticket to fix it

Best regards,

Post by pzs »

Is there any update about this ticket? Do you have any workaround what we can use?

Post by Maxim Gorkovsky »

Workaround would be to skip restoring eventLayout:

Override.apply(class {
  static target = { class : SchedulerPro }

  applyState(state) {
    delete state.eventLayout;
    return, state);

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