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When I run the NPM install command I'm receiving a 403 error and I don't know why because I've authenticated and have an active license. Can someone please help?

We are version 4.3.5
npm install @bryntum/calendar @bryntum/calendar-react --registry https://npm.bryntum.com

npm ERR! code E403
npm ERR! 403 403 Forbidden - GET https://npm.bryntum.com/react - user scordts..catalytichealthpartners.com is not allowed to access package react
npm ERR! 403 In most cases, you or one of your dependencies are requesting
npm ERR! 403 a package version that is forbidden by your security policy, or
npm ERR! 403 on a server you do not have access to.

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Hello dwilliams,

Could you please try the steps described in this thread and check if that works for you too??


Let me know if that worked, please.

Best regards,

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