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We have entered a purchase order request for Schedule Pro, and it is being processed now.

I did install the scheduler locally with a developer trial license to experiment with the scheduler features and change some of the functionality and it's working fine for me, However, I want to check in the code so the rest of the team will be able to see these changes. I include the packages below to test it with others on our local dev env

add entries to "dependencies" in the package.json project file:

"@bryntum/scheduler": "5.0.4",
"@bryntum/scheduler-angular": "5.0.4"

So once they get the latest they will be able to see the scheduler changes I have done. I did that but at this point, I’m getting the error shown in the attached screenshot once I run npm install without requesting the free trial or using my old credentials.

I assume this will happen for any other developer or user once they get the latest and run the build or npm install.

So any thoughts on this and how we can fix this now and in the future when we get the license?

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License package may be accessed when you have it active in Customer Zone account.

After purchase is complete please login to npm repo again to update your access rights.

Use Scheduler Pro package @bryntum/schedulerpro which you have purchased. It is not Scheduler @bryntum/scheduler one.

npm install @bryntum/schedulerpro@5.0.4

Check package names here

If you use .npmrc file for authentication please recreate tokens.

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Thanks for your response to my question Sergey now, we are buying a license for 5 developers and we are a large development team. Is this issue going to affect them? since they will pull the latest code that has bryntum dependencies but they don't have licenses because they are not working on the scheduler

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There are two possible ways to authenticate with npm server, they are using login/password or creating npm access token.

To share authentication for CI/CD or multiple developers you may use .npmrc files stored for project.
Please check docs for getting tokens and using .npmrc here

If you prefer using offline packages please follow this guide

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