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I added a class to half day events (the “half-day-morning” class, see attached image)
and I'm trying to add css to this event class parent (to add padding to “b-sch-event-wrap” from the children).
Is there an option to add a class to the parent instead of the children or to add css from the children to the parent?

My main goal is to have different paddings for events of half days

Screen Shot 2022-07-11 at 10.37.35.png
Screen Shot 2022-07-11 at 10.37.35.png (659.03 KiB) Viewed 234 times
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I tried with wrapperCls but it dosen't seems to work for me

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Hi michael cohen,
Please post the code you are using, and what do you see when you inspect DOM tree.

All the best,

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 private getBobSchedulerEvents(requests: CalendarTORequest[]): BobSchedulerEvent[] {
    return requests?.map(request => {
      const eventColor = this.colorPaletteService.getPaletteColorByIndex(request.policyTypeOrder);
      const eventType = request.status === TimeOffRequestStatus.approved ? EventBuiltInStyles.plain : EventBuiltInStyles.hollow;
      const eventClassForTextColor = this.getEventTextColorClass(eventColor, eventType);
      return {
        resourceId: request.employeeId,
        name: `${request.policyTypeDisplayName}`,
        eventType: EventTypes.meeting,
        eventColor: eventColor,
        iconCls: null,
        wrapperCls: 'testClass',
        cls: eventClassForTextColor,
        eventStyle: eventType,
        startDatePortion: this.timePortionOfTheDay(request.startPortion),
        endDatePortion: this.timePortionOfTheDay(request.endPortion),
        hours: request.hoursOnDate,

This is my code, if I add the function to the cls it works but for the wrapperCls it doesn't work.

I expect to see the class that I added but It's not there.

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EventModel doesn't have a wrapperCls property, you need to use it inside of

Like this:

	eventRenderer    : ({ renderData, eventRecord }) => {
		// adding wrapper cls to the parent of the event

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Best of luck,

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