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The columns date formats are DD/MM/YYYY.

 columns: [
                    { id: 'wbs', type: 'wbs', text: 'WBS', width: 70 },
                    { id: 'name', type: 'name', width: 250 },
                    { id: 'duration', type: 'duration', width: 125 },
                    { id: 'startdate', type: 'startdate', width: 125, format: 'DD-MMM-YYYY' },
                     { id: 'enddate', type: 'enddate', width: 125, format: 'DD-MMM-YYYY' }

The page freezes when editing the date in the grid.

I tested on the Aggregate example (/gantt/examples/aggregation-column/).

I then changed date format to DD-MMM-YYYY and it didnt freeze however it wouldnt update the task. The only way to reliabily update the task was to use the calendar instead of typing in the date.

Please advise.

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We already have a ticket on that. Here it is

Thank you for your report.

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This issue has been open since 29th March. Is there an ETA for the fix?

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As the ticket has 5.1.x milestone and it has been labeled ready for review, which means that it's going to be available in one of our nearest patch releases. But can't make any promise when it will be available.

Best of luck :)

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