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Can you render events with different rowHeights? When I try it, the placement of events in the scheduler is off.

Looking through the forums, this seems unsupported. But then there is the example, https://bryntum.com/examples/examples-scheduler/rowheight/, so I'm not sure.

Example using React:

const data = [
  { name: 'A', startDate: '2022-08-15', endDate: '2022-08-17', rowHeight: 30 },
  { name: 'B', startDate: '2022-08-15', endDate: '2022-08-17', rowHeight: 50 }
const MyGanttContainer = () => <BryntumGantt data={data} />

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Hey wacii,

Perhaps you're looking for https://www.bryntum.com/docs/scheduler-pro/api/SchedulerPro/feature/NestedEvents#config-eventHeight

But be aware, from the documentation

Fixed event height to use when configured with eventLayout : 'stack'.

Besides that, you can't set directly to an event register his height, only for the row, which is the property that is being changed in that demo, and the events will match the row's height.

Best regards,

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