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We have a problem with Bryntum Grid when selecting row with selectionMode: row and changing a page. After page changes grid selects previously selected rowindex on next pages and causes unwanted action in our implementation because selectionChange event launches.

This same problem can be reproduced in your demo. Adding

selectionMode { row: true, checkbox: true }

for testing purposes. When using row-click to select rows this problem happens. You can see the row flashing once during page change. But if i'm using checkbox to select row or I click outside of grid before changing a page this problem doesn't happen.

Is this intended or bug?

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Yes, it is only if using checkboxes. I surmise that when the checkbox widget is recycled, it reverts to being unchecked, but it's still connected to the record, so that unchecking event gets to the selection handling which deselects the record.

Here's a ticket:

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OK, it just seems to be configuration that you need:

preserveSelectionOnPageChange : true

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Preserving selection on page change is not what we want. Also this does not solve the problem where the "unselected" row keeps flashing on page change. This seems to work correctly when selecting the row from checkbox, but not when selecting by clicking the row. In our case we wouldn't like to have checkbox at all on our solution since we already have checkbox on the first column on other purposes.

Based on our tests

preserveSelectionOnPageChange : true

did not even preserve the selection when the row was selected by clicking the row.

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Hi Panu,

I added that option as well in our demo and reproduced the behavior you described. Created a ticket to fix it -

Thanks for the report.

Best regards,

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Thanks! Just want to clarify that on that same demo if you click to page 3 and further the originally selected row starts flashing. Our goal is not to preserve the selection, but also prevent the flashing when switching pages (and ecpecially when operating without checkbox).

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Thank you for your message! I've updated the ticket with this information. We'll take care of it.

All the best,

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