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We are binding our card data model into each card, and have run into a problem with the default supported attributes/fields in the taskboard. We configure the fields that get displayed, and one field name we use is 'description'. This renders inside our layout as configured, but we are getting a duplicate description rendered into the bodyItems section above our rendered component.

description-duplicating-body-items_01-11-2023.png (48.24 KiB) Viewed 3179 times

I am unable to find a simple way to ignore the ootb attributes that seem to be hard coded in the library. The only way I was able to 'hide' these was to target the dom nodes in the DOM, like:

    div[data-role="item-description"] {
        display: none;

While hiding via css works I would like a cleaner approach preferably in configuration. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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For Reference:
Taskboard Version: 5.2.3

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Could you please upload the code that you're using to reproduce it? so we can debug it?

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Hi Tasnim,

Please close the ticket, we will ship with the css workaround. It seems that the card attribute 'description' is hard coded in the library and we have the same attribute from our model.


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