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Post by striker »

I checked my old posts and I saw all gif's and attachments with test cases are not working - gifs are not rendered properly, test cases .zip are empty.

I want to download one of my test case posted one year ago, how can I do this?

And manage attachments on the account is looking like this:

issue2.png (39.38 KiB) Viewed 2958 times

Post by mats »

Can you give me a link to a post with broken attachment?

Post by striker »

All my old attachments are not working.


example topic

Post by mats »

We'll check, possibly some turbulence was caused when we updated our website.

Post by striker »

I see the problem is still occurring. Are all old attachments gone?

Post by marcio »

Which attachment are you referring to? I downloaded the zip file on the link that you mentioned earlier, and it seems to be working fine. Could you please confirm that?

Best regards,

Post by striker »

This .zip file from the topic above is downloading, but the file is corrupted and could not be opened. It occurs on all my old attachments and all images/gifs.

Check this topic, how the gifs looks.

Post by mats »

Works just fine for me, possibly some caching issue?

Post by striker »

Can you proof that gifs are loading correctly and .zip is working without any troubles,?
Me and other workers are facing same issue. This is not caching issue.

Post by alex.l »

Yes, I was able to download testcase.zip from the topic you mentioned above, I also able to see images.

All the best,

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