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Hi Team,

We are trying to implement a filter on the resource assignment column, the way we want to achieve this is by allowing the user to select any number of assigned resources from a list outside the gantt and then once a button (labelled "Filter") is pressed, filter those tasks which are not associated to any of the selected resources.

We have tried using the "Filterby" function and returning true for only those tasks that have been associated to any one of those resources the issue with this is that we cannot see the applied filter at the column level filter, we also tried using an operator with "isIncludedIn" and value as an array of "resources" but that gave us an error.

Is there a built in filter feature targeted especially for resource assignments that we have missed that will solve this use case for us? Or should we stick to "Filterby".

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Could you please show the code the way you're trying to implement it? And the errors you got?

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