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Hi Team,

For the assigned resources column in our gantt we want the ability to apply multi value filters i.e the ability to select multiple resources from the column level filter and filter out those records that are associated to either one of the selected values but by default the column level filter for resource assignment column only has the the ability to filter by one value.

After some research we found some examples and by setting "isMulti" = true inside the filter object we got a more complex filter but now the filter is completely empty we can see a dropdown but its empty and we cant even apply a simple text filter on top of the column.

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This is the code that we have for instantiating the gantt.

tbar = {{}}
height= {"inherit"}
width = {'inherit'}
features = {{
excelExporter : {
dateFormat : 'YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm',
filter : {
isMulti : true,
timeRanges : true
selectionMode = {props.selectionMode}

Can you please assist us here.

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Hey vconstruct,

Are you able to provide a sample of your data for us?? Can you reproduce that behavior in one of our demos??

If possible, would be really nice to have a sample project with your configuration and the behavior that you're describing for us to check, it'll make it a lot faster for us to assist you on this.

Best regards,

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