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The tooltip for the header is showing, but the tooltipRenderer is not working. I've check the examples and everything but no help. I am using the latest (v5.2.9) SchedulerPro version. Any ideas?

I have this code:

columns: [
            type: 'resourceInfo',
            text: 'M',
            field: 'name',
            showEventCount: false,
            width: 5,
            editor: null,
            useLocaleSort: false,
            filterable: false,
            resizable: false,
            searchable: false,
            sortable: false,
            tooltip: resourceColumnTooltip(),
            tooltipRenderer: resourceColumnCellTooltip,
            renderer: resourceColumnErrors,
const resourceColumnTooltip = () => { return StringHelper.encodeHtml('tooltip header') } const resourceColumnCellTooltip = ({record}: any) => { return 'just for testing' }

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Have you enabled https://bryntum.com/products/schedulerpro/docs/api/Grid/feature/CellTooltip feature?

In the tooltipRenderer docs says

Renderer function for the cell tooltip (used with CellTooltip feature)...

here https://bryntum.com/products/schedulerpro/docs/api/Grid/column/Column#config-tooltipRenderer

Hope it helped.

Good Luck :),

Best of luck,

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after adding the following code, it started working:

cellTooltip: { hoverDelay: 300, textContent: true, },

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Glad to hear that it's working

All the best

Best of luck,

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