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Hi bryntum team
How to save the swimlane order after swimlaneDrag? Is there a hook function similar to taskDragEnd

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I'm not sure I got your question. Are you looking for this https://bryntum.com/products/taskboard/docs/api/Scheduler/model/ProjectModel#function-commitAsync

If not could you please explain a bit further?

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Hi tasnim
How to add an eventlistener for swimlaneDrag? I need to drag the swimlane and record the order of the swimlane.

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Unfortunately, there are no listeners for swimlaneDrag. I've opened a ticket to implement that. Here it is https://github.com/bryntum/support/issues/6140

But swimlane is in a store called swimlanes. And there you could listen for change event

taskboard.swimlanes.on('change', (event) => console.log(event));

All The Best,

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Hi tasnim
I tried your method, but it didn't work.

ngAfterViewInit(): void {
    this.taskboard = this.taskboardComponent.instance;
    this.taskboard.swimlanes.on('change', this.swimlaneChange.bind(this))


  swimlaneChange(e: any) {

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Hello lanpeng,

I checked with one of our angular demos but it works fine here.

chrome_7H3cnSgmHM.gif (1.12 MiB) Viewed 783 times

Could you please upload a runnable test case so we could reproduce the issue and debug it?
I've also provided the demo that I've configured with that code, you could compare it with your code

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thanks tasnim .It works welll.

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