Our pure JavaScript Scheduler component

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I normally add it like that, to not redraw, but the issue is NOT the drawing of events. It is the sync, after the backend returns.
My gif/video show this issue very clearly. We are talking a slow down factor of 10 on project.sync() before the scheduler is unlocked for further editing.

Just to be 100% sure i did it with your code, and sync is still above 10 seconds. On 5.2.7 and down it is 1 second for 300 events.

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We cannot upgrade to 5.3.0, as long as this issue is present. Have you tried recreating it with my code?

Andreas @ Exigo

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Hi Andreas,

We reproduced this, I've opened a ticket to fix this problem https://github.com/bryntum/support/issues/6434
Thank you for the report!

All the best,

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Thanks Alex

Andreas @ Exigo

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