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For version 1.3.5 of bryntum_gantt_enterprise
On odoo enterprise v15.0 (enterprise, odoo sh)

The following error appears when opening the bryntum gantt view for any project.

TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'getComputedStyle')
at DomHelper.getStyleValue (webpack:///./node_modules/@bryntum/gantt/gantt.module.js?:15382:79)
at hasLayout (webpack:///./node_modules/@bryntum/gantt/gantt.module.js?:13803:108)
at ResizeObserver.onElementResize (webpack:///./node_modules/@bryntum/gantt/gantt.module.js?:18306:11)

After clicking "ok", it works normally.

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There were a lot of updates since. We are now at version 2.0.1. Can you update?

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