Premium support for our pure JavaScript UI components

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I hope it is okay for you that I share an idea about going over the KeyMap docs and guides?

The guide

This sentence makes very little sense for someone who is not a Bryntum employee, especially because the proceeding code does not have a feature name prefixed. You use an example that is a counter-example to this text, so confusing:

Please note that Scheduler does not currently provide any default keyboard shortcuts. Only Scheduler's features does provide keyboard shortcuts.

The API Docs

This link has 3 sentences. One of that is only half a sentence and the other has a broken link:

The eventKeyDown listener
Only after scouring the forum did I find mention of eventKeyDown, which is perfect for what I need. Maybe you can consider adding a line about this function to the Guide?

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Thank you for your input. You make a quite reasonable request.
We will do as you suggest.

Here's the ticket:


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