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attached you can find a demo of this issue.
Please install latest version with 5.3.6.
Click on the export button, select date range and start export.
Only the columns will be exported.

If you select visible schedule, everything works fine.
With date range or complete schedule it is also working if you remove viewPreset from schedulerConfig.
If not, you get an empty page or just the columns.

Pls confirm the issue.

Many thanks,

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I think the issue here is that the time axis is too long. If I export the Complete scheduler I get this:

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This screenshot is taken at a high zoom level in the exported PDF document.

If you activate Multiple pages in the Export dialog, the resulted PDF will look much better:

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Hi Joakim,
I don't understand. When i select date range as schedule range and enter a 5 day range, the time axis can not be too long. Why is the export empty?

But remember you have to use viewPreset in your schedulerConfig to get the issue.

Please try.


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I'm using your example code when trying this out.

My exported PDF:s are not empty, just so small so the're barely noticable.
I have a attached a bunch of PDF:s generated from your example.

So. If you get the same results as I do, the issue is that your exporting the complete schedule as a single page with a very low "resolution" on the schedule. I suggest you should either:

  • Export to multiple pages
  • or, limit the date range to something that fits on one page
  • or, "zoom out" to a viewPreset that does not show hours
Export-Complete schedule-Single Page.pdf
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Export-Date range-7 days-Single Page.pdf
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Export-Date range-7 days-Multiple pages.pdf
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Export-Daterange-5 days-Multiple pages-Landscape.pdf
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HI Joakim,

many thanks. I have to check my code.


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