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Hi Teams.

I coded like below to open date picker automatically but date picker is not opening in lwc.

I checked that the code is working well with sample (https://bryntum.com/products/grid/examples/celledit/)

Are there any additional settings that need to be set?

Thank you.

            text             : 'Start',
            id               : 'start',
            type             : 'date',
            field            : 'start',
            width            : '9em',
            finalizeCellEdit : 'up.validateStartDateEdit',
            editor: {
               autoExpand: true, 

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We just need to see the configuration of that column in your app.

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Please see video attached. All works well with our LWC demo app code.
Make sure you used latest released version. Try to reproduce the bug in our application code if possible and provide required changes. If not possible, we need to see your application to understand what's wrong and help you with that.

Screen Recording 2023-06-09 at 09.28.20.mov
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All the best,

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