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All my events date are showing correctly on the scheduler except the current time. It is 1 hour behind the actual time.

Iam using timeZone : 'UTC',

I tried setting it to actual timezone to timeZone : 'Europe/Dublin', which gave me correct current time however the time coming from the database is showing an extra hour which is a problem.

Can you tell me how I can set the current time to exact time

        timeRanges : {
            showCurrentTimeLine : true,
            showHeaderElements  : false,


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Hey sarfarazsajjan,

Could you share a sample project with a sample of your data for us to debug? Only by the description that you provided is difficult to define what could be causing this behavior.

Best regards,

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Hi, Apologies maybe I did not explain it well.

on this example https://www.bryntum.com/products/scheduler/docs/api/Scheduler/feature/TimeRanges

I added the timezone to show correct time which showed me current time of Dublin, but it also affected the time of the events, they were all pushed 1 hour back. I am attaching two screenshots one after adding the timezone and other is without timezone.

timeZone : 'Europe/Dublin',

my timerange is giving me problem hope you understand.

withtimezone - https://prnt.sc/Y19JPqUbeGwJ

without timezone - https://prnt.sc/5wwU-59dBA0t

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. It appears that the behavior you're experiencing with the timeZone setting on the Scheduler is actually intended. When you set a timeZone, it is designed to convert all Events and TimeRanges accordingly.

This includes the conversion of the CurrentTimeLine as well. Based on this design, there doesn't seem to be a bug in the system.

If you have any more questions or need further assistance, please feel free to ask.

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I have removed the timezone now but it has added extra 1 hour in my events start time and end time how do i fix that.
My current time rangeis correct now but it has affected the event time, so to fix this i added timezone utc which fixed my event time but affected the current time.
Is there a way where i can set timezone only for event or current time range?

screenshot added extra hour in event - https://prnt.sc/ka4bF19mC4hE and the time coming from db is 9am to 4pm

dp screenshot - https://prnt.sc/A3MpHafoz7Pl

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It sounds like you're having an issue with either the format of the date sent from the backend, or something with the time zone in your OS.

Let's say you get this from the backend:

2023-09-21T09:46:41.111Z (That is a UTC date.)

If your OS is set to 'Europe/Dublin' time zone (UTC+1) that would correctly give this result:

2023-09-21T10:46:41.111 (no Z at the end, this is a local date)

If this do not help, please provide at least an example of the fetched server data (unconverted). Also, what time zone your OS is configured with?


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