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It would be great if Gnt.plugin.TaskContextMenu had configuration options so that we could decide which options to show to the user. Currently, it relies on the task details such as task is readonly etc. We end up having to override the entire createMenuItems method, copy only the relevant bits (with references to private methods!) and just show that.

For example, it would be nice if we could specify:
new Gnt.plugin.TaskContextMenu({
	showDeleteTask: true,
	showEditLeftLabel: false,
	showEditRightLabel: false,
	showSplitTask: true,
	showDeleteDependency: true,
This is different from isMenuOptionEnabled: ... ionEnabled

in that we are not interested in disabling the menu option; rather removing it completely from view.


Post by mats »

Try something like this, not too much work.
Ext.define('MyProject.plugin.TaskContextMenu', {
        extend     : 'Gnt.plugin.TaskContextMenu',

        initComponent : function () {


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ok, thanks for your help, I will try it.
flappy bird

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Great everything here works fine.Thanks so much. Run 3

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