Support for our reactive computational engine

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I've dig into the documentation and I want to make sure I didn't miss anything : I was wondering if the engine has the capabilities to automatically assign resources to tasks (events). I understand it can deal easily with dependent tasks and constraints, but I didn't see a way to automatically assign resources based on the availability of the resources and its own capabilities (the engine should assign the resource only if it has some capabilities enabled).

We have 10 machines that would be able to do some operations.
I would like the engine to load-balance the work load on those 10 equipments automatically and then continue on to the next operations (successors).

Is that a scenario that is supported out-of-the-box or is there anyway to add that support inside the scheduling engine?

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We don't have this feature yet but it's on our roadmap for this year. You can subscribe to this ticket for notifications

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Thanks for replying so quickly! That's good to know, we'll keep following the updates about this.

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Your prompt response is really appreciated. We'll make sure to stay informed about any developments about this.

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