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Post by vakhsakhalyan »

That is very strange situation has happened with my tests. As I understand that is intermittent fail during the run.
I got
[WARN] [ERROR] stack : Error: Blocked a frame with origin "https://ip" from accessing a cross-origin frame.
Here is my harness file config:

    title: 'Test Suite',
    pageUrl: '/ui',
scaleToFit: true, viewportWidth: 1280, viewportHeight: 1024, autoCheckGlobals: false, sandbox: true, separateContext: true, breakOnFail: false, defaultTimeout: 120000, waitForTimeout: 120000, isReadyTimeout: 120000, runCore: 'sequential', });

Could it be the problem of updating the web driver or not?
The strange is that this issue is disappears after some runs and after another it could be reproduced.

Post by nickolay »

This might be that your test page is redirected to some other domain sometimes. Then, when test script tries to access test page, the error appears, since its a cross-origin access to the iframe. Or it might be an error from your application.

Try may be somehow logging all redirects of your test page to see if its ever redirected to another domain.

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