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In the taskboard, when i have a task with 3 subtasks of same duration and i measure 1 of them as 100%, the parent percentDone is updated to 33.3333. But, when i delete the task i measured as 100%, the percentDone of the parent task that now should be 0% does not appear on the sync request made.

It does not happen when there as only 2 subtasks (the parent task goes to 50% when measured), for example.

Focus on the part where i delete de task on the gif below, because the rule where i change the percentDone in made on the backend. After the deletion, i expected to see a key percentDone: 0 on the request updating the parent task.

Obs: I am using the gantt and taskboard together.

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Any chance to get a test case (or at steps how this can be reproduced on some of our demos) so we could reproduce/debug the issue?
Otherwise it's impossible to guess what happens I'm afraid.

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Sorry, but it is very hard to create a test case.

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Perhaps our guidelines could help clarify how to set up a test case? https://www.bryntum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=772

You could get one of our demos, change it to match your configuration, or a way to reproduce the behavior that you mentioned, and from there you could share it here for us to debug and assist you. :)

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