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Dear Support,

I am testing the calendar list view mode. When I set the default mode to 'list', the view doesn't load. When I navigate to another mode such as year and back to list mode, the list loads fine. It only fails to load when set at the start. This error only happens with list as the other modes work fine.

Kindly assist.

	modes : {		
		list : true	     
ngAfterViewInit(): void {
        let calendar = this.calendarComponent.instance;		
	calendar.readOnly = true;

	let crudConf:any = calendar.crudManager.config;			
	crudConf.transport.load.headers.Authorization = "Bearer " + this._const.access_token;
	calendar.mode = 'list';  // Doesn't work	
	//calendar.mode = 'year'; // WORKS FINE		 


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Are you able to share a small test case with us?

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Why set the mode dynamically? Why not just configure it?

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I simplified the code and am using configuration. Using the same code and config, in Angular the list loads at the start but on Ionic it doesn't. On ionic switching away from list and back to list loads the list fine. The issue is is only on load.

			[modes] = "calendarConfig.modes!"
			[mode] = "calendarConfig.mode"
			[crudManager] = "calendarConfig.crudManager!"
date : new Date(2024, 1, 9),

modes : {		
	list : true			     

mode: 'list',

 crudManager : {
	transport : {
		load : {
			url : environment.baseURL + '/getCalendar.php',
			fetchOptions: { credentials: "omit" },
			headers: {
				'Authorization': `Bearer ` + 'eyJ0eXAiOiJKKDqgzZ_1aslg'
    	autoLoad : true

Any support on this would be appreciated.

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Could you please provide Ionic 7 app which we can build and test?
It is quite hard to give an advice on the portions of code given above.

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Please find a demo ionic project attached. Thanks.

(158.19 KiB) Downloaded 7 times

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I've unpacked that and done npm i (couple of warnings)

How do I run the app?

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The app is a starter Ionic app. I just added the calendar as per doc instructions.

Use Ionic serve to run

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Screenshot 2024-02-11 at 09.51.56.png
Screenshot 2024-02-11 at 09.51.56.png (9.45 KiB) Viewed 132 times

I must need something more than is there.

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It appears that the Ionic framework may not be properly configured on your system. Would it be possible for a member of the Ionic team to assist with this, please? Thanks

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