Our powerful JS Calendar component

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Hi there I am able to run the application and created a ticket to investigate the issue. See here https://github.com/bryntum/support/issues/8536. You can subscribe to the ticket to keep track of updates.


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Thank you Ghulam. Will monitor the ticket.

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Dear Ghulam, until this issue is fixed, is there a way we can toggle the mode programmatically after load? For example, we will load the day view and programmatically choose the list view after load.

We really have to launch this app asap and it's important to present the list view to the user.

We are happy to implement a temp fix until the underlining issue is resolved. Kindly advise asap. thank you.

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Yes sure, to change mode use the property https://bryntum.com/products/calendar/docs/api/Calendar/view/Calendar#property-mode

calendarInstance.mode = "week"; 

Regarding to the issue, we are doing our best to get if fixed asap.

All the best,

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Thanks Alex. I will await your news.

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