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Hi team,

As per business requirement we need sorting in such a way that null or blank values always comes in last on sorted column. Do we have anything on grid level that can help us to achieve this requirement.


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Please see docs
you can define any sort method you need and sort as you need.

// custom sorting function can also be specified on the store
const grid = new Grid({
    store : {
        sorters : [{
            fn : (recordA, recordB) => {
                // apply custom logic, for example:
                return < ? -1 : 1;

All the best,

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fn : (recordA, recordB) => {
                // apply custom logic, for example:
                return < ? -1 : 1;

So as per this function I will sort all records at the time of data load. But my requirement is when user sort any column by clicking on it. then I need to sort in above way.
As I have a way to do this on each column.

columns : [
            field : 'age',
            text : 'Age',
           sortable(lhs, rhs) {
             // Custom sorting, see Array#sort

but is there any generic way that will fix for all columns instead of doing on each column??

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Hi dsing,

Unfortunately there is no generic way of achieving this. But you can define a common function and apply it to each column sortable.


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