Our pure JavaScript Scheduler component

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We are facing a problem (scheduler gets not loaded at all) regarding resourceTimeRangeRenderer. But no error occurs.


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Hi there,

I have checked and unable to reproduce the issue. Can you please share a runnable test case so we can reproduce the error? I have attached with latest version using resourceTimeRangeRenderer with no issues.

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We are using mat-tab. The thing is what we found out that it is working once its surrounded in a ng-template then its working fine :

<mat-tab label="{{ 'AVAILABILITY' | translate }}">
        <ng-template matTabContent>

as soon its not in a ng-template then its not working after version 5.6.4. So thats the different if its working or not.

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Hey thomasb,

Thanks for letting us know and sharing here in the forums.

We'll keep an eye on similar reports, if you could provide a sample project for us, that would be really helpful, even that now it's working for your case.

Best regards,

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