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I feel like this is a really simple fix, however I can't get this working. I want to define a radiogroup as well as it's default value. I have followed the example here:

Which is :

     type    : 'radiogroup',
     title   : 'Resolve Conflict',
     name    : 'resolution',
     value   : 'A',  // the default choice
     options : {
         A : 'Keep the original version',
         B : 'Use the new version',
         C : 'Reconcile individual conflicts'

Here is a snippet from my schedulerConfig I'm passing into the Scheduler component:

eventEdit: {

        items: {
            eventTypeField: {
                type: 'radiogroup',
                name: 'eventType',
                label: 'Event Type',
                flex: '1 1 auto',
                weight: 100,
                value: "appointment",
                options: {
                    appointment: 'Appointment',
                    meeting: 'Meeting',
                    timeOff: 'Time Off',
                listeners: {
                    change: onEventTypeChangeHideOrShowFields

However, it does not work. In my IDE, it gives me the following error on the "value" parameter:

TS2322: Type '{ type: "radiogroup"; name: string; label: string; flex: string; weight: number; value: string; options: { appointment: string; meeting: string; timeOff: string; }; listeners: { change: ({ source, value }: { source: any; value: any; }) => void; }; }' is not assignable to type 'boolean | Partial<ContainerItemConfig> | null'.   Object literal may only specify known properties, and 'value' does not exist in type 'Partial<RadioGroupConfig>'.

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I'm not able to reproduce the issue with the latest version 5.6.7. What version of scheduler are you using?
Upgrading to the latest version should fix the issue!

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Upon closer inspection it appears setting the 'value' property does work for setting a default, however my IDE is trying a TS error. Not sure why that is, but I can suppress it. It does this even after updating to the latest version 5.6.7. Oddly enough, when I CTRL-click the value prop it takes me to value under the CheckBoxConfig in scheduler.d.ts. It seems like it may be an issue with my IDE but I'm not sure. I am on Intellij Ultimate Build #IU-223.8836.41, built on March 9, 2023

IDE ts error radiogroup value prop.png
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That looks like a docs bug, we'll get that fixed!

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