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Hi Team,

Below is our use case.
We will have a list of Holidays for example : Mar 29(Good Friday), we need to show that holiday info against Resources for that specific day or days based on list of Holidays. which feature can we use for this requirement?

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Sounds like you could either use our resource non-working time, which is based on the data in the calendars assigned to the resources. Or you could try rolling your own based on the ResourceTimeRanges feature:




Is that close to what you're looking to build?

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Hi Mat,

Below is how we are expecting the UI, holiday information will be available in separate data source. In the provided links I think the holiday or times info is in the resourceTimeRanges. how we can use data source having list of holidays with or in between start and end dates to apply Holiday against resources.

Screenshot 2024-02-26 145803.png
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If you study the demo for resource time ranges, you'll see how you will have to change your data structure to fit into the expected structure for resource time ranges. They share the same data model with Events:

 resourceTimeRanges = [
            id             : 1,
            resourceId     : 'r1',
            startDate      : '2019-01-01T11:00',
            endDate        : '2019-01-01T13:00',
            name           : 'Lunch',
            // this time range should repeat every day
            recurrenceRule : 'FREQ=DAILY',
            important      : false
            id         : 2,
            resourceId : 'r8',
            startDate  : '2019-01-01T11:00',
            endDate    : '2019-01-01T13:00',
            name       : 'Lunch',
            important  : false

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