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I ran into one problem, while implementing the Scheduler Pro.
I want to use the Tree Feature. What I did:

  [columns] = "schedulerProConfig.columns!"
  [startDate] = "schedulerProConfig.startDate!"
  [endDate] = "schedulerProConfig.endDate!"
  [height]= "schedulerProConfig.height"
  [project] = "project"
  [features] = 'schedulerProConfig.features'
  [treeFeature]= 'schedulerProConfig.features.tree'


features: {
    tree: true,
  columns : [
      type: 'tree', field: 'name', text: 'Name', width: 300, sortable: false, readOnly: true,


 const store = new Store({
        tree              : true,
        transformFlatData : true,
        data: relevantObj})

I'm using a flat data set, that definitly works, because I'm using the same Data with the Bryntum Grid. But It just shows me the Data without giving a tree structure or any order in Scheduler.

Could you please help me?
Best Regards

Post by Animal »

The leaf nodes have a parentId field do they so that we know how to build the tree structure from the flat data?

Post by valereimann »

The Objects (from the backend) have a parentId:

  "id": 2200854400,
  "parentId": 2200852600,
  "name": "Low",
  "type": "VV",
  "launchStart": 1688166000000,
  "versionNo": 1,
  "state": "CONCEPT_CHECK"

I don't think that the Objects are the problem, because the exact same data works in Bryntum Grid as a Tree

Post by mats »

We could not reproduce this issue. To assist you with your question, please provide more details including a runnable test case (as described in our support guidelines).

To get the fastest possible support, provide a simple test case based on our standard examples.

Post by valereimann »

I attached the Config, ts and html File.

Bryntum TIcket.zip
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This is Sample Data from the Backend:

(3.52 KiB) Downloaded 9 times

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I solved it myself:

In the html I should have had:


, not just the Data without including the Store. Because the tree attribute is stored in the Store not in the Data of the Store.

What I basically had before:


Post by tasnim »

Glad to hear that you've got it fixed.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Good Luck

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