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I have a schedule (not pro) in Vue3 with events inside, when I move some of them too quickly, an error occurs indicating that the value is undefined.

However, the context and the record are filled with my data.

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'isAssignment')
    at EventDrag.getDragData (@bryntum_scheduler-thin.js:1246:67)
    at EventDrag.getDragData (@bryntum_scheduler-thin.js:8740:16)
    at EventDrag.onDragStart (@bryntum_scheduler-thin.js:942:39)
    at DragHelper.trigger (chunk-EG34XAQU.js?v=ce752d8f:4957:34)
    at DragHelper.internalMove (chunk-GR2PKURR.js?v=ce752d8f:28265:27)
    at DragHelper.onMouseMove (chunk-GR2PKURR.js?v=ce752d8f:28313:10)
    at HTMLDocument.handler (chunk-GR2PKURR.js?v=ce752d8f:1034:72)

This blocks the application, however, has anyone ever encountered this problem?

Thanks for your help,

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I am not able to reproduce this issue in our online example here: https://bryntum.com/products/scheduler/examples/frameworks/vue-3/javascript/simple/dist/

Can you try there to reproduce this issue? Which version of bryntum you are using? Which browser is being used by you?

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Hi !

I'm using :

    "@bryntum/core-vue-3-thin": "5.6.0-beta-1",
    "@bryntum/engine-thin": "5.6.0-beta-1",
    "@bryntum/grid-thin": "5.6.0-beta-1",
    "@bryntum/scheduler-thin": "5.6.0-beta-1",
    "@bryntum/scheduler-vue-3-thin": "5.6.0-beta-1",

It works on the simple demo with Google Chrome.


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Can you try upgrading to the latest version 5.6.10 and see if the issue exists for you?

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