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Request: Apply localization to filter tooltip.

Component: grid-thin, but likely applies to grid and perhaps other components containing filter/filter-bar.

For this post, this is the tooltip that is being referenced:

Screenshot_1.png (11.2 KiB) Viewed 497 times

Using the localeManager/localeHelper, you can configure localization for the operators. (See FilterFieldPicker key inside the localization object here.)

After configuring, the filter operator selection will be updated to reflect the localization:

Screenshot_2.png (29.29 KiB) Viewed 497 times

But when you hover the filter icon, the generated text does not reflect the localization:

Screenshot_3.png (12.14 KiB) Viewed 497 times

And there are no localization keys to apply to this.

The ask/request is to either use the same text in both the operator selector and the tooltip (so that the same localization key/values work) or to add new localization keys specifically for the tooltips so that the english words can be localized.

If it helps, the relevant code reference for this label in grid-thin is Filter.js:275.

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Hi Gabriel,

Thanks for the report. It is actually a bug on our end and we will to fix it asap. I have created a ticket here so please subscribe to it and keep track of updates.


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