Our state of the art Gantt chart

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Can you please share a test case / video so we can reproduce this?

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Sure thing....


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In the video you can also see, that it does not always trigger even when the element is hovered.

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Hi Marco,

The reason for the tooltip not being triggered is because you have set the __custom-day as ForSelector for the tooltip. If you inspect the dom and see that __custom-day has very small area and tooltip is only shown on hovering on that area. I would recommend you to changing the forSelector from __custom-day to .b-sch-header-timeaxis-cell and see the improvements there.

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Ok I can see that and that is easily solvable (also by just making the area of __custom-day take the whole space).

The more important topic is about the wrong positioning on the initial render.

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You can specify the position of the tooltip. See the align property for tooltip: https://bryntum.com/products/gantt/docs/api/Core/widget/Tooltip#config-align

You can try out the following options:

align        : 't-b',
align        : 'l-r',

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Seems like align: 't-b', did the trick.
Thank you :)

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Glad to hear that Marco. Good luck with your development

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