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Hello everyone!

The lack of thin documentation has created an issue with how to use the BryntumViewPresetCombo JSX in my react app. I cannot seem to just use the button. It is conflicting with the Grid component. It would be amazing if there were more thin examples as I do not see any related to the react ecosystem.

Here is a list of the following issues when using the thin libs:

    • The scheduler types are not clear for TypeScript users
    • The areas of config for tbar are not supported in render as it creates a separate bundle error.
    • The custom toolbar is what I am trying to use to create a new toolbar with the preset that is used in the toolbar example
    • There isn't any thin docs specific to what is bundled in them rather than the regular components.
    • No library of pre-built buttons, drop downs, or other components built for usage with the thin/reg libs like MUI does with there examples.
    • Most examples with code are regular javascript. Would be great to have the react versions with TSX & JSX availability.

Visit my video screencast showing set by step what I am doing to fix the rendering. Yet no options work for thin libs.

Please supply us with thin components to make up for what is missing in the regular libraries.

Update : Thin packages also cause issues when trying to use the sidebar in the calendar and scheduler component.

Thank you!

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Please provide access to the video. Try changing the view right to everyone with the link.

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Looks to be working with the new permissions. I was able to fix this with importing and installing the thin scheduler working a part of the thin version of the scheduler-react lib and not in the thin schedulerpro-react where I was originally pulling it from. Weird how some components are in the other lib rather than all in the scheduler pro.

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Each thin package only contains classes related to the product.
So schedulerpro-react-thin wrapper contains SchedulerPro widgets only.
scheduler-react-thin wrapper contains Scheduler widgets only.
Same for other libraries.

This is stated here in thin packages guide.

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