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Thanks for the response. I want to have tooltip for each section in the event not for the whole event. Could you please assist with this. As shown in the screenshot attached.

event-tooltip for  each section.PNG
event-tooltip for each section.PNG (19.16 KiB) Viewed 43 times

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Hey kkn1234,

Is your event separated into two divs? If so, you can create two tooltip instances and assign them to each div of the event. Like the following

const t1 = new Tooltip({
            forSelector : '.event-part-1',
            html        : 'foo'
const t2 = new Tooltip({ forSelector : '.event-part-2', html : 'foo 2' });

Also, this seems unrelated to the initial topic of this thread, please open a new thread to maintain the organization of the forums.

Best regards,

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