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Hi, I have the following version of the scheduler....

"@bryntum/scheduler": "5.6.1",
"@bryntum/scheduler-angular": "5.6.1",

I use the Angular wrapper, and I set the event context menu (as well as many other properties) as follows...


<bryntum-scheduler #scheduler 

Code behind

 public eventContextMenu: Partial<EventMenuConfig> = {
    items: {
      // Remove default items
      deleteEvent: false,
      unassignEvent: false,
      editEvent: false,
      addEvent: false,
      copyEvent: false,
      cutEvent: false,

  // Custom Edit 
  edit: {
    text: this.getEditMenuItem(),
    cls: 'custom-menu-item',
    onItem: (item) => {
      this.showEditModal((item as any).eventRecord as SchedulerEventModel, false);


I now have the case where I want to add or remove some items depending on user permissions.

I did try just updating (e.g. inserting items into) eventContextMenu at runtime, but, the menu did not update. I assume this is just read once at instantiation.

So, my question is can I set this eventMenuFeature in code after the scheduler has been instantiated.
This will happen after instantiation, as some of my permission calls are asynchronous.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Thankyou mats, works perfect!

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