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Hello, in my scheduler i have a columns config that looks like this:

    columns: [
        type: 'tree',
        field: 'name',
        width: 165,
        cls: 'resource-column-header-container',
        cellCls: 'resource-column-cell',
        editor: false,
        renderer: (data) => <ResourceColumn {} />,

as you can notice the renderer function returns a react component (ResourceColumn).
now inside that component i would like to show some indication whenever the row is selected but the ResourceColumn component is not being re-rendered on row selection event.
how can i trigger a re-render of that component when a row is selected?

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Hi there,

I believe for that you will have to maintain a state and use it inside renderer. Please check our demo here for the eventRenderer, where clicking on the event changes the color. You can study the code and achieve the same thing in the column renderer. Here's the demo link:

Here's the demo code:
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Thanks, i will look into it.

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