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I would like to know if its possible to use Salesforce Lightning Design System Icons in bryntum widgets instead of Font Awesome Icons.

I found a link where there are steps to replace with material icons. can font icons be replaced with slds icons ?

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LDSI requires to use custom components to display icons, we do not support that. We support CSS/SCSS way to manage icons.
I've opened a FR for that , but we will wait more requests for that because it might be priotitized and started, I am afraid. You are the first for years who need it. If you need it fast, you can request Sponsored Feature service using the button "Contact Us" on this page

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SLDS uses SVG shapes for icons and the way they are applied is very different from FontAwesome, so there is no easy way to directly swap them. However, you can create your own icon font and use custom glyphs for the icons you wish to replace.


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