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Post by Jean »

I use CalendarManager
But I want to get some events, but I can not find them in the documentation

1 --> I need the click event
When I select another calendar I want to change the schedule and set it (picture 2)

2 --> This I have created with Extjs obtaining the index components and then adding, Its okay or is there another way to create?

3 -- > I can not find the Click event of saving the calendar in my BD

Please, can you tell me where I find those events?
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Post by mats »

It's possible, but the widget wasn't designed to be heavily customised.

        calendarWindow.down('treepanel').on('selectionchange', console.log);
2. It's ok, not ideal but hard to do it in a future proof way. You'll have to keep your eyes open for any changes made to the calendar manager UI in future releases, but we have nothing planned there so should be ok.

       calendarWindow.down('button[text=Aceptar]').on('click', console.log);

Post by Jean »

thanks for your reply.

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