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How to use your vacuum cleaner the right way

Vacuum cleaners come to us as the great support for household cleaning. Not only on the ground with dirt and sand, but also the walls and your carpets as well. Modern technologies and designs produce the best vacuum cleaners ever: lighter, durable, easy to use and multi-functional! As of 2020, the price to have one vacuum cleaner in your house is super affordable so why not just get on after reading our tips to make your house or apartment dirt-free?

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Step 1

Check up your vacuum carefully before using it. Each model has a different bag or box to carry the dirt or hair. Please dump the dirt out when the bag/cabinet is full; otherwise, the cleaner can’t do the job properly.


Step 2

The length of the cord needs to be considered before we get our hands dirty. If you want to clean under your bed, the length of the cord is important to suck our pet hair, small papers and dirt. With the long cord, you can use it to suck the dirt on the top shelf or window that far from your reach too. Such conveniences can’t be applied when using the robot vacuum though.

Step 3

Let the small item or furniture out of the way when cleaning. Nowadays, there are automatic robot cordless vacuums that can recognize obstruction ahead. However, since we still use the traditional corded vacuum, we have to clear the way ourselves.

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Step 4

Cleaning from inside to outside of the house/apartment. Moving the vacuum slowly in order to the suction power to pick up all the dirt on your carpets, hardwood floors or wooden floors.

Step 5

Using different attachments coming along with your vacuum, like exchangeable ends. With them, you can clean your windows, your wall, under the bookshelves or even on your bedsheets. However, please remember to clean from high to low, from inside to outside to avoid re-cleaning again the places just got vacuumed.


Tips and tricks:

  • Soak one cotton ball with nice oil or perfume of your choice and drop it in the cleaner bag or canister. As the air flows out, your room will smell amazing!

  • Put a bit of baking soda on your plushy items (pillow or stuff anymore). Let it sit for around 30 minutes then use the vacuum magic. The odor will go away as well with the dirt

  • Rinse your computer’s keyboard by taking them upside down to shake out any crumbs or dirt or small pieces of paper. Using the extra crevice tool and suck in all the remaining. Damping the ear cotton buds with either alcohol (be careful with your keyboard’s material) or simply water to thoroughly wash each button.

Since there are so many models and types of vacuum cleaners right now in the market. You must ask yourself, what is the Best Rated Vacuum Cleaner Image to buy? What are the top vacuum cleaner brands to choose from? We welcome your ideas and comments if you have any for us. If anyone would like us to why the blog about it, we willing to do it as well!

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